Tramping or Hiking and Trail Running in Auckland, NZ

This is a private tramping or hiking and trail running blog. In New Zealand, Tramping means Hiking! All tramping tracks or trail running tracks listed in this website were walked or run and recorded by Derek. The “Total Time” in each post was the time we walked at that time circumstances. You may take longer or quicker. Schedule your time according to your pace! The purpose of this blog is to give some ideas and reference to people who need a complete day walk plan without doing unknown explore.

Note: This blog is just for fun. Always give priority to DOC information or information from local information centre! English is not my mother language, so just LOL if you read any funny sentences…徒步新西兰

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How to use this Trek Finder to find out a tramping track you are interested in? Zoom in the map until pins become distinguishable. Move mouse to one pin, then click the hiking track name that links you to that tramping track page.

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Take nothing but pictures! Leave nothing but footsteps! Wash your hiking boots and Poles after each hiking before you walk another track in New Zealand! Please read the New Zealand Environmental Care Code if you tramp or hike in New Zealand. Always treat New Zealand’s forests, streams, lakes and birds with care and respect. They are unique and often rare! Thank you!

Important: Kauri Dieback