Tramping Track Difficulty Rating

We start to rate a tramping track difficulty level since 12/12/2012. This seems more accurate for day track and zero final balance track like loop or return track.

Track difficulty level = [Total distance/10 + Total climbing + Maximum difference] x k

  • k = 0.9 – 1.2 depends on track’s condition. For example, a track always muddy or overgrown then k=1.1 to 1.2; More than 30% of track is on good road then k=0.9.

We temporarily rank all tracks in five levels (based on average above 3.5 km/h moving speed)

  • E     Easy (< 1.99)
  • E+   Easy plus (2 – 2.69)
  • M     Medium (2.70 – 3.19)
  • M+  Medium plus (3.20 – 4.00)
  • H     Hard (> 4)

The “Total Time” is my time I walked in a certain circumstance which includes morning tea time and lunch time and breaks. Every one takes the same track in different time. You may take longer or quicker. So, schedule your time according to your pace!

How to use the map shown in a post

How to use the map shown in a post

1, Select your favourite map type from the most popular seven maps. All can be full screen.

2, Hide photos on map for clear map view, or show up photos on map to help you identify important junctions.

3, Move mouse on the elevation profile while a highlight dot is moving on above map synchronously to help you understand the track trends.

4, Elevation Profile can be zoomed in when you select a section of elevation profile.

5, Map can be “show track back to centre” after you move or zoom in map.