Trail running – Dean Track to Mangakino Pack Track to Waipapa Track to Waitawheta Tramway in Kaimai Range 31km

Trail running – my last trail run on the last day of 2019 in Kaimai Range.

Trails: Franklin Rd end car park – Dean Track – Mangakino Pack Track – Turn to Waipapa Track from the junction of Mangakino Pack Track Siding which goes to Tui Mine – Waipapa Track – Waitawheta Hut – Waitawheta Tramway Track – back to car park.

Caution: The section of Mangakino Pack Track after the junction of Daly’s Clearing Track was not well maintained hence wild and need good navigation skill while some huge fallen trees and land slides destroyed the track, you need find the right track back again and again and again!

Car Park: Yes

Toilet: No

For better map display, click the buttons (Full Screen, Hide/Show Photos and Back to Center) in the top right corner of the map to study the tracks.

Total distance: 31.97 km
Max elevation: 793 m
Min elevation: 199 m
Total climbing: 1339 m
Total descent: -1340 m
Average speed: 6.95 km/h
Total time: 06:49:17

Total flat distance:  km, Maximum difference: m, Final balance: 0m.

Track was not properly recorded hence the data isn’t perfect right. Running with Ronald Chen who is a legend trail runner!

Difficulty Rating: Tough
The “Total Time” is my time in Dec which includes breaks. That day was fine.


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