Te Araroa Trail and off tracks in Hunua Ranges

Trails: McNicol Rd car park – Te Araroa Trail – off track to Orum Rd – off track back to forest – off track to Orum Rd – Cossey Access Rd – Te Araroa Trail  – McNicol Rd car park. Caution: Experienced trampers with good navigation skill only! Car Park: Yes. McNicol Rd car park. It’s […]

Project K Camp to The Drum to Fletcher Track to Donald McLean to Manukau Bar View Walk loop at Little Huia

Trails: Little Huia car park – Project K Camp – Off the beaten track – Big Rock (The Drum ?) – Fletcher Track – Donald McLean Track – Mt Donald McLean Lookout – Donald McLean road – Whatipu road – Manukau Bar View Walk – Manukau Bar View Lookout – off track to coast […]

Whatitiri Track to Lake Wainamu Track to Houghton Track to Smyth Ridge Track to Upper Kauri Track loop in Waitakere Ranges

Trails: Falls Road car park – Whatitiri Track – Long Road Track – Off the beaten track (The Best Kept Secret Track) – Lake Wainamu Track – Houghton Track – Smyth Ridge Track – Smyth Corner – Upper Kauri Track – car park. Caution: Experienced tramper with very good navigation skill only! Car Park: […]

Workman Track in Hunua Ranges

Trails: Mangatangi Dam car park – A R A Drive – Dam Access road – Workman Access Road – Workman Summit – Workman Track – Return back the same way. Note: Experienced tramper only. Car Park: Yes. Public Toilet: Yes. Weather: Check Weather before you go! For better map display, click the buttons […]

Waterworks Walk to off the beaten track to Hakarimata Walkway loop in Hakarimata Range

Trails: Brownlee Ave car park – Waterworks Walk – Hakarimata Summit – Off the beaten track – Hakarimata Walkway – Waterworks Walk – back to car park. (Derek Loop 2) Caution: This post is only for personal entertainment purpose, not for public! Experienced trampers with very good navigation skill only! Car Park: Yes. Hakarimata Scenic […]


U2U Track 有感而作 by Derek   28th July 2015 疾风吹雁孤飞远,漫漫长路入天边; 皑皑白雪锁风霜,脆雪映人独处寒。 — Nelson Blue Lake 第二天 有感而作 by Derek   28th July 2015 烟云细雨路绵绵,偶遇少年不等闲; 五十里路何所惧,老翁携偶意志坚。 — Nelson Blue Lake 第一天 有感而作 by Derek   28th July 2015 孤舟细水湖中闲,弎人重履路山涧; 忽闻山雨急飞下,木屋知己笑声谈。 — 与山友晨冬徒步”天路” by Perry Wu   25th July 2015 晨冬徒步登天路,雾露茫茫裹寒清; 野径崎岖重山驻,道阻而遥林海行; 忽如沐浴晨光好,翠墨寒林有洞天; […]

Mangatawhiri Track – Te Araroa Trail Hunua Ranges 3

Trails: Lyons Road on road car park – Lyons Rd until the gate of Dilworth Camp – Mangtawhiri Track – Neary Peak – Retrace back the same way. Caution: Experienced tramper only. Car Park: No. On road before the private road gate. It’s about 45 minutes drive from Auckland city centre. Public […]

Arataki Visitor Centre to Taumatarea Point loop in Waitakere Ranges

Trails: Waitakere Ranges Regional Park Arataki Visitor Centre car park – Beveridge Track – Mackies Rest – Exhibition Drive – Pipeline Road – Huia Road – Off Track to Taumatarea Point and return – Huia Road – Lower Nihotupu Dam Road – Pipeline Road – Pipeline Track – Slip Track – Arataki […]

Cascade Track to Robinson Ridge Track to R.G.B Track to Chateau Mosquito Track to Sisam Track to Upper Kauri Track loop in Waitakere Ranges 3

Trails: Falls Road car park – Upper Kauri Track – Cascade Track – Robinson Ridge Track – Fence Line Track – Ridge Road Track – R.G.B Track or RGB Track – Chateau Mosquito Track – Hettig Track – return back on Chateau Mosquito Track – Sisam Track – Smyth Ridge Track – […]

Mt Alfred Track in Glenorchy Queenstown

Trails:  Mt Alfred Track and return. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to the Mt Alfred Summit due to the gale and showers. Caution: Experienced trampers only! There is no marks beyond bush line (Private land, Call landholder first) and route becomes very steep and exposed to the elements. Car Park: Yes. About […]