Trail running – The goat Tongariro Around The Mountain Track to Horopito 25km

Trails: Bruce Road Around The Mountain Track car park – Around The Mountain Track until Mangaturuturu Hut – Horopito Track to Horopito.

Car Park: Yes. Bruce Road Around The Mountain Track car park.
Public Toilet: No.
Weather: Check Weather before you go!

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Total distance: 25.23 km
Total climbing: 758 m
Average speed: 6.87 km/h
Total Time: 05:35:51

Total flat distance: 25 km, Climbing distance: 4.5 km, Descent distance: 14 km, Flat distance: 6.73 km, Maximum difference: 732 m, Final balance: -665 m.  Broken track record was fixed and the elevation was corrected by ST3.

Difficulty Rating: H
The “Total Time” is my time on 1st Jan 2017 which includes drinking breaks and lunch time in Mangaturuturu Hut. That day was rainy, thick fog, gales and cold.




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