Hunua Ranges Tramping Tracks

This category includes all walking and hiking or tramping tracks in Hunua Ranges in Auckland New Zealand.

Workman Track to Mangatangi Fork to Rata Ridge Track to Pukapuka Track loop in Hunua Ranges

Trails: Mangatangi Dam car park – A R A Drive – Dam Access road – Workman Access Road – Workman Summit – Workman Track – Off the Beaten Track – Mangatangi Fork – Rata Ridge Track – Lilburne Rd – Pukapuka Track – A R A Drive – Dam car park. Note: Experienced tramper […]

Massey Track to Wairoa Cossey Track to Wairoa Dam return to Cosseys Dam to Cossey Gorge Track in Hunua Ranges

Trails: Falls Road road end car park – Cossey Gorge Track (or Cosseys Gorge Track on some maps) – Massey Track – Wairoa Cossey Track (or Wairoa Cosseys Track on some maps) – Suspension Bridge Track or Loop – Wairoa Dam – return back to Wairoa Cossey Track – Massey Track […]

Pukapuka Track to Mangatangi Track to Lower Mangatawhiri Track loop in Hunua Ranges

Trails: Upper Mangatawhiri Campground car park – Upper Mangatawhiri Dam – Lilburne Road –  Pukapuka Track – 4WD road – Mt Mangatangi – Mangatangi Track – Lower Mangatawhiri Track – A.R.A Drive – car park. Car Park: Yes. Moumoukai Road – A R A Drive – Waterline Road – Upper […]

Off the beaten tracks in Hunua Ranges 1 Auckland

Trails: Private farmland routes (MUST get permission from owner first) – Off the beaten tracks – Stream – Private land route – Forest Road – Off the beaten tracks – Kohukohunui Track – Adams Lookout – Off the beaten track – Farmland routes. Caution: North Hunua exploring trip. Experienced trampers with very good navigation […]

Te Araroa Trail and off tracks in Hunua Ranges

Trails: McNicol Rd car park – Te Araroa Trail – off track to Orum Rd – off track back to forest – off track to Orum Rd – Cossey Access Rd – Te Araroa Trail  – McNicol Rd car park. Caution: Experienced trampers with good navigation skill only! Car Park: Yes. McNicol Rd car park. It’s […]

Mangatawhiri Track – Te Araroa Trail Hunua Ranges 3

Trails: Lyons Road on road car park – Lyons Rd until the gate of Dilworth Camp – Mangtawhiri Track – Neary Peak – Retrace back the same way. Caution: Experienced tramper only. Car Park: No. On road before the private road gate. It’s about 45 minutes drive from Auckland city centre. Public […]

Wairoa Loop Track to Mangtawhiri Challenge Track to Wairoa Cosseys Track Loop around Wairoa Reservoir in Hunua Ranges 4

Trails: Wairoa Loop Track – Mangtawhiri Challenge Track – Wairoa Hill Road – Off track to Firth Road – Off track to Wairoa Cosseys Track – Wairoa Cosseys Track –  Suspension Bridge Track – Wairoa Loop Track Moumoukai Road car park. (Derek Loop 1) Caution: !!!Experienced tramper with very good navigation skill only!!! Bush crushing […]

Whakatiwai Track and Workman Track in Hunua Ranges

Trails: Whakatiwai Track East Coast Road end car park – Whakatiwai Track – Junction of Whakatiwai Track, Workman Track and Waharau Ridge Track – Workman Track – Campsite – Workman Track – Mt Workman – Return back the same way to car park. 2015 V day romantic (not really…) celebration tramping… Note: […]