Dunn’s Bush

Te Araroa Trail, Puhoi to Moir Hill, Auckland 2021.03

Te Araroa Trail Puhoi to Moir Hill via Dunn’s Bush. A new beautiful track was just finished in Dunn’s Bush which make a new smaller loop with an old track. I also found a new track is under construction in Moir Hill forest which I believe will join the exist […]

Trail running – Puhoi Domain to Moir Hill via Dunn’s Bush

Part of Te Araroa Trail: Puhoi Domain – Puhoi Track – Remiger Rd – Dunns Ridge Track or Dunn’s Bush Track – Sugar Loaf Rock – Dunn’s Bush – J Tolhopf Rd – Moirs Hill Summit Track (Barker Road) – Moirs Hill Summit – Waihunga Moir Hill Track – return back the […]

Dunn’s Bush Track plus Valley Track and Big Tree Track to Puhoi Track in Puhoi Auckland

Part of Te Araroa Trail: J Tolhopf Rd car aprk – Dunn’s Bush Track – Valley Track –  Big Tree Track – Dunn’s Bush Track – Remiger Rd – Puhoi Track – Puhoi Domain via Village Lookout Walk. Note: Need car transfer. The Puhoi Track was completely improved and not […]