Tangihua Forest Tracks

Finally we got chance to walk it! Tangihua Forest! Tangihua Range! Beautiful and wild!

*Experienced tramper only! At least one section before the tower is quite dangerous especially in wet weather!

We also walked the side track Kauri Dam Walk and Nature Walk in the end. We started Te Haua Ura Track first, then Main Ridge Track, Horokaka Track and Tumanako Track (boring track!) Hope next time we can do the Northern Tangihua Track at least until Tangihua Hut. There the Tangihua Lodge is a good place for holiday and camping!

Total distance: 18.35 km
Max elevation: 549 m
Min elevation: 40 m
Total climbing: 1461 m
Total descent: -1446 m
Average speed: 4.48 km/h
Total time: 06:06:36

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