Trail running – Piha to Karekare and return 18km 6

Running Trails: End of Glenesk Road car park – Kitekite Falls Track – Kitekite Falls – Connect Track – Kauri Grove Track – Ussher Cross – Winstone Track – Ussher Track – Piha Road – Te Ahuahu Road – Log Race Road – Mercer Bay Loop Walk – Mercer Bay Track – Comans Track – Watchmans Road – Karekare Road – return the same way.

This is my 11st trail running. Very enjoyable! I am so inspired by the team! Never run such fast pace before. Sophia, Timothy…You are all so wonderful! Thank you so much Sophia! Hope see all you guys again!

Car Park: Yes. It’s about 45 km 50 minutes drive from Auckland city centre.
Public Toilet: Yes.
Weather: Check Weather before you go!

For better map display, click the buttons (Full Screen, Hide/Show Photos and Back to Center) in the top right corner of the map to study the tracks we took or any other tracks. For more information about these hiking tracks you may go to Waitakere Ranges.

Total distance: 18.2 km
Max elevation: 279 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 1181 m
Total descent: -1181 m
Average speed: 8.45 km/h
Total time: 02:51:55

Total flat distance: 17.9 km, Climbing distance: 7.7 km, Descent distance: 7.5 km, Flat distance: 3.1 km, Maximum difference: 278 m, Final balance: 0 m. Elevation corrected by ST3.

Difficulty Rating: 3.28 M+
The “Total Time” is my time in July which includes breaks. First half the weather was good. The Comans Track was quite muddy due to heavy rain in the early morning. When we started off after a short break from Karekare car park turn-around, it started blowing and raining fortunately not long!

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6 thoughts on “Trail running – Piha to Karekare and return 18km

  • Ryan Lauren

    Are you using Suunto or Garmin? My total ascent for this route was 750m i think. Im not sure why yours got over 1000m elevation. Could be the Garmin that Im using.

    • derek Post author

      Sorry late reply as we just back form holiday. As you can see, my record just covers the tracks and roads on all maps. I used Barometer and re-corrected. So, I think mine is closer to the real…LOL

  • Ryan Lauren

    Hi. Just did this trail today. 2:48 😁 thanks for ur post atleast i have a guide for trail runs here in auckland. God bless!

    • derek Post author

      Try to find a trail running group in WayWiser or join a trail run group in facebook like “Waitakere Bush Runner”.