Yearly Archives: 2016

Trail Running – Waitakere three Dams 40km

Trails: Exhibition Drive – Pipeline Road – Pipeline Track – Nihotupu Dam Road – Parau Track – Panto Track – Farley Track – Kakamatua Ridge Track – Parau Track – Huia Dam Road – Christies Track – Summit Track – Hamilton Track – Nihotupu Dam Road – Pipeline Road – Slip Track […]

Trail Running – Arataki Visitor Centre to Panto Track to Huia Dam Road to Hamilton Saddle Loop 28km 2

Trails: Arataki Visitor Centre – Beveridge Track – Mackies Rest – Pipeline Road – Pipeline Track – Nihotupu Dam Road – Parau Track – Panto Track – Farley Track – Kakamatua Ridge Track – Parau Track – Huia Dam Road – Smiths Road – Hamilton Track – Nihotupu Dam Road – […]

Trail Running – Waitakere Ranges 23.5km

Running Trails: – Falls Road car park – Auckland City Walk – Fence Line Track – Ridge Road Track – Cutty Grass Track  – Scenic Drive – Fairy Falls Track – Goodfellow Track – Old Coach Road Track – Mountain Road –  Opanuku Pipeline Track – Swanson Pipeline Track – Peripatus Track […]

Trail running – Karamatura Track to Puriri Track to Omanawanui Track and return in Huia

Running Trails: Huia Settlers Museum car park – Karamatura Track – Karamatura Forks – Mt Donald McLean Track – Mt Donald McLean – Puriri Ridge Track – Omanawanui Track – Omanawanui Trig – return. Thanks our great leader: Sophia Car Park: Yes, beside Huia Settlers Museum. It’s about 36km 40 minutes drive from Auckland city center. […]

Duder Regional Park Walk Auckland

Trails: Duder Regional Park car park – Farm Loop Track – Whakakaiwhara Pa Walk – Whakakaiwhara Point – Coastal Walk (low tide) to join Farm Loop Track again – Sustainable Trail – Beach track to Wairoa Bay – coastal walk (low tide) back to Farm Loop Track until car park. Car Park: Yes. Duder Regional […]

Trail running – Piha to Karekare and return 18km 6

Running Trails: End of Glenesk Road car park – Kitekite Falls Track – Kitekite Falls – Connect Track – Kauri Grove Track – Ussher Cross – Winstone Track – Ussher Track – Piha Road – Te Ahuahu Road – Log Race Road – Mercer Bay Loop Walk – Mercer Bay Track […]

Ambury Park Easy Trail Running 30km 1

Trails: Watercare Coastal Walkway Oruarangi Rd carpark – Watercare Coastal Walkway to Otuataua Stonefields and back – Watercare Walkway to Puketutu Island – Watercare Walkway to Foreshore Walk (Birds watching) – Beach walk along Kiwi Esplanade (Geological phenomenon) – Woodward Ave.  – Mangere Mountain track – Mangere Lagoon Loop Track – Watercare Coastal […]

Arataki Centre to Parau and Panto Track loop in Parau, Auckland

Trails: Arataki Visitor Centre – Slip Track – Pipeline Track – Lower Nihotupu Dam Road – Parau Track – Kakamatua Ridge Track – Farley Track – Panto Track – Parau Track – Lower Nihotupu Dam Road – Pipeline Track – Slip Track – Arataki Centre. After my 14th 5km Parkrun, we walked this loop on […]

Christies Track to Hamilton Track and Summit Track loop plus Incline Track in Waitakere Ranges 2

Trails: Piha Road Upper Nihotupu Walk car park – Upper Nihotupu Walk – Upper Nihotupu Dam – Christies Track – Huia Dam Road – Smiths Road – Hamilton Track – Lower Nihotupu Dam Road – Incline Track return back – Summit Track – Upper Nihotupu Dam – Upper Nihotupu Walk – car park. Car Park: Yes. […]

Moirs Hill Walkway and Beverley Price Loop Track in Auckland

Trails: Moirs Hill Walkway Highway 1 car park entrance – Beverley Price Loop Track – Pohuehue Waterfall – Moirs Hill Walkway forest road until Moirs Hill Rd and return – Beverley Price Loop Track – car park. Caution: There are many road junctions and unnamed forest roads there but not on map. Follow the markers. […]