Fence Line Track

Trail running – Waitakere Ranges 29km

Running Trails: Falls Rd car park – Auckland City Walk – Fence Line Track – Ridge Road Track – Cutty Grass Track – Centennial Track – Quarry Track – Maungaroa Ridge Track – Garden Road – Track to beach – North Piha Road – Marawhara Walk – White Track – Anawhata Road […]

Trail Running – My first trail running in Waitakere Ranges 2

Running Trails: Upper Nihotupu Walk car park – Ian Wells Track – Cutty Grass Track – Auckland ASC Hut – ATC Hut – Ridge Road Track – AUTC Hut – Long Road Track – Upper Kauri Track – Auckland City Walk – Fence Line Track – Waitakere Dam – Waitakere Dam Access […]

Whatitiri Track to Wainamu Bush Track to Simla Track to Pukematekeo Track loop in Waitakere Ranges

Trails: Falls Road road end car park – Whatitiri Track – Long Road Track – Wainamu Bush Track – Wainamu Junction – Smyth Ridge Track – Sisam Track – Simla Track – Fence Line Track – Waitakere Tramline Track – West Tunnel Mouth Track- Anderson Track – Scenic Drive – […]

Peripatus Track to Anderson Track to Fence Line Track to Waitakere Tramline Track Loop

Trails: end of Christian Road car park – Swanson Pipeline Track – Peripatus Track – Anderson Track – Auckland City Walk (very short connect path)  – Fence Line Track – Waitakere Tramline Track – West Tunnel Mouth Track – Anderson Track – East Tunnel Mouth Track – car park. Car Park: […]

Fence Line Track to Robinson Ridge Track loop

Trails: Fence Line Track to Robinson Ridge Track (as we published this post, the Robinson Ridge Track had been closed) loop includes Auckland City Walk, Anderson Track, West Tunnel Mouth Track, Waitakere Tramline Walk, Waitakere Dam Walk, Fence Line Track, Robinson Ridge Track and Cascade Track. It take park of […]