Wainamu Junction

Kuataika track and stream off track in Waitakere Ranges

Trails: Anawhata Rd car park – Kuataika track – off track – Kuataika Stream – (planned to Wainamu Junction but failed) – Kuataika track back to car park. Note: Experienced tramper with good navigation skill only. Car Park: Yes. Anawhata Rd car park. It’s about 42 km and 75 minutes drive from Auckland city […]

Kuataika Tk to Smyth Ridge Tk to Long Rd Tk to Ridge Rd Tk to Cutty Grass Tk to Ian Wells Tk in Waitakere

Trails: Kuataika Track – Kuataika Summit – Wainamu Junction – Smyth Ridge Track – Long Rd Track – Ridge Road Track – Cutty Grass Track – Ian Wells Track (No marks, track flooded) – Upper Nihotupu Dam car park. Car Park: Yes. Ian Wells Track entry: Upper Nihotupu Dam car […]

Whatitiri Track to Long Rd Track to Wainamu Bush Track to Smyth Ridge Track to Upper Kauri Track loop in Waitakere Ranges Auckland 1

Trails: Falls Road roadend car park – Whatitiri Track – Long Road Track – Wainamu Bush Track – Wainamu Junction – Smyth Ridge Track – Smyth Corner – Long Road Track – Upper Kauri Track – car park. Car Park: Yes. Set “Falls Road, Waitakere” on you GPS. Drive until […]