Taraire Ridge Loop track plus Pukenui Forest Loop track in Whangarei

Trails: End of Amalin Rd car park – walk on farmland until tracks entrance (Taraire Ridge Loop track and Pukenui Forest Loop track) – walk Taraire Ridge Loop track – pass by junction to Russell Rd – Junction of Taraire Ridge Loop and Pukenui Forest Loop – walk Pukenui Forest Loop until next two […]

Bream Head Track Crossing in Whangarei

Trails: Bream Head (Te Whara) Scenic Reserve Urquharts Bay car park – Smugglers Bay track via Gun Emplacements and Busby Head – Bream Head Track (Te Whara Track) – Mt Lion Summit – Peach Cove Track to Peach Cove Hut – continue to beach – return back to Bream Head […]