Hakarimata Range

Waterworks Walk to off the beaten track to Hakarimata Walkway loop in Hakarimata Range

Trails: Brownlee Ave car park – Waterworks Walk – Hakarimata Summit – Off the beaten track – Hakarimata Walkway – Waterworks Walk – back to car park. (Derek Loop 2) Caution: This post is only for personal entertainment purpose, not for public! Experienced trampers with very good navigation skill only! Car Park: Yes. Hakarimata Scenic […]

Hakarimata Walkway

Hakarimata Walkway in Hakarimata Range is bout 14km long from the northern end (Parker Road) to southern end (Waingaro Road). This post track is known as part of Hakarimata Walkway by most trampers but officially it is Waterworks Track (Walk) which starts from Brownlee Ave access to the Reservoir, then […]