Daily Archives: 13/10/2020

Hunua Ranges Kohukohunui Summit loop

19/09/2020 Long time no see you – Kohukohunui Summit! From Upper Mangatawhiri Dam Campsite to Piggotts Hut by Lilburne Road, then flow into Ernies Track. Turn right into Upper Mangatawhiri Track after about 1.4KM walk on Ernies Track. More easier down hill from Kohukohunui Track until Mine Road. Then Mine Road Track will […]

Omaha Forest Walk – Tamahunga Track over summit down to Pakiri   Recently updated!

03/10/2020 First time we walked Tamahunga Track over summit down to Pakiri. Start from Omaha Valley Rd to Bathgate Rd and return. Always enjoy the scenic beaches and farms view from the edge of forest and higher farmland where is on the track of Te Araroa Trail. Somewhere overgrown but […]

Hakarimata Walkway North to Summit return   Recently updated!

First time walking this track from north Parker Rd to summit and return. 10.10.20 was a good day! Track was in good dry condition otherwise we will spend more time on track as there are so much slops and exposed tree roots. We did some trail running on track. So, […]