Yearly Archives: 2012

Lower Kauri to Sisam to Simla to Long Road to Upper Kauri Tracks loop

Trails: Falls Road roadend car park – Auckland City Walk – Upper Kauri Track – Lower Kauri Track – Long Road Track – Smyth Corner – Smyth Ridge Track (very short walk) – Sisam Track – Simla Track – Ridge Road Track (very short walk) – Long Road Track – […]

Tawharanui Regional Park Coast Track

Trail 1: Tawharanui Regional Park car park – Fishermans Track to Maori Bay – Maori Bay to Elephant Point coast track – off beach to Marine Park – North coast beach track until Anchor Bay – to car park. Car Park:Yes. Set “Tukata Road” in your GPS. It’s very end of […]

Waharau Ridge Track to Kohukohunui Track to Mangatangi Ridge Track Loop 1

Trails: Waharau Regional Park car park (end of driveway) – Waharau Ridge Track (red waymarkers, also see the yellow waymarkers for Upper Link Track and blue waymarkers for Lower Link Track from beginning) – turn into Kohukohunui Track  – Adams Lookout – Kohukohunui Track – turn into Kohukohunui Trig Track […]

Home track to Marguerite to Kauri Grove to Kitekite to Piha Valley tracks loop 1

Trails: Piha Road Home Track entry car park – Home Track turn to Marguerite Track – Marguerite Track turn to Kauri Grove Track – Connect Track – Knutzen Track to Kitekite Falls to Kitekite Track – Kitekite Track to Glen Esk roadend carpark (toilet) – Piha Valley Track – Centennial Track – […]

Parau Track to Farley Track to Panto Track loop

Trails: Huia Road car park Waikakere– Parau Track to Lower Huia Dam – Parau Track to Farley Track junction then back to Parau Tack (due to one section of Farley Track closed) – Kakamatua Ridge Track – Farley Track – Panto Track – Parau Tack – car park. Tracks closed: […]

The Pinnacles Track in Coromandel Forest Park 3

Trails: Kauaeranga Valley Road road end car park – Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (on signpost) or Webb Creek to Hydro Camp Track (on some map) or Webb Creek Track (known by most hiker) to the Moss Creek Track junction – Webb Creek Track  to Hydro Camp (Billy Goat Track and Pinnacles Hut […]

Peripatus Track to Anderson Track to Fence Line Track to Waitakere Tramline Track Loop

Trails: end of Christian Road car park – Swanson Pipeline Track – Peripatus Track – Anderson Track – Auckland City Walk (very short connect path)  – Fence Line Track – Waitakere Tramline Track – West Tunnel Mouth Track – Anderson Track – East Tunnel Mouth Track – car park. Car Park: […]

Odlin Timber Tk to Walker Ridge Tk to Muir Tk to Buck Taylor Track loop in Waitakere 1

Trails: Lone Kauri Road car park – Odlin Timber Track – Walker Ridge Track – Muir Track – Les Ward Shelter – Pararaha Valley Track – Buck Taylor Track – car park. Car Park: Yes. Set “92 Lone Kauri Rd, Karekare” in your GPS. It’s about 55 minutes drive from […]